Lake O’Neill Dredging and Recharge Ponds Rehabilitation, Camp Pendleton, CA
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Customer/Owner Name: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Point of Contact: Keith Ayers

Description: CJW Construction increased the surface water storage capacity of Lake O’Neill by performing maintenance dredging and rehabilitation of the existing recharge ponds 4, 5, 6 and 7 through excavation.  We also performed installation of spillway culverts and the construction of new large levees to form new re-charge ponds, 6 and 7.

CJW self-performed all aspects of this project. The scope of work included: clearing and grubbing of ponds 4-7 and setting pond separation; 257,000 CY of material excavation and re-handle of the excavation material at ponds 4-7; construction of pond 6 and 7 (147,000 CY); installation of six (6) 30’ CMP culverts; placement of 2,700 tons of crushed rock on the levee bench; repair riprap; dredge and re-handle 361,000 CY of material from Lake O’Neill to the re-charge ponds.  Dredging utilized 4,000-ft of 12-inch HDPE, 1,000-ft of 18-in PVC return line pipe, a booster pump and sand separation unit.

CJW gained considerable experience in working within the environmental windows and time constraints placed on our dredging operations by the EPA to protect the biological resources of Camp Pendleton and their habitats. CJW worked hand-in-hand in partnership with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to achieve a balance between adequate resource protection and cost effective dredging. This project required compliance to a strict Storm Water Prevention and Pollution Program, temporary water delivery/recharge, Toad Monitoring, 10,000-ft of Toad Fence, and Bird Biologist.

In working with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in preparation of this project, CJW also successfully addressed a concern that arose of the surrounding land of Lake O’Neill as once being occupied by Native American tribes, all still within the environmental windows of the project. This concern brought the project to a halt while Cultural evaluated the situation surrounding the project and potential damage to any Native American artifacts that could be unearthed during the course of the project. To maintain sensitivity and address the concerns of Cultural, CJW suggested the adoption of a full time Archeologist to the team working on the project.  As such a full time Archeologist, as well as a Native Indian monitor was brought on board to the project team.
CAMP PENDLETON, CA - $5,984,680
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