Dredging of All American Canal, Yuma, AZ - 8100001389
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Customer/Owner Name: Imperial Irrigation District/ U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation

Description: CJW Construction, Inc. performed the maintenance dredging for the Imperial Irrigation District to remove 250,000 CY from the 6,000-ft long and 250-ft wide All American Canal in Yuma, AZ. CJW successfully performed one-pass dredging in the canal with our new lattice truss system.  CJW designed and custom built this new one-pass lattice truss system which is much more productive, cost effective, and precise than the traditional drag-line system, all while protecting the canal liner.

Dredging in the All American Canal posed a particular challenge as CJW is dredging in very fast moving water with constant/daily water elevation changes, and dredging a hard/rocky/solid cut. As such, the dredging required exact grade control and protection of the channel liner, making a spud system impossible to use.  To solve this problem, CJW devised a system to lengthen, anchor and pivot the dredge from shore while reaching 260-ft to the cutter-head.  The one-pass dredging system greatly reduced the problem of suspended solids and replaced the expensive drag-line system which was the traditional way of maintaining the channel.

The scope of work also included boring under a freeway to accommodate the discharge pipe.
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