Lower Santa Ana River Channel Reach 9, Riverside, CA - W912PL-08-D-0025
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Customer/Owner Name: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Point of Contact: Larry Romero, Construction Control Representative

Description: This project consisted of excavation and backfill of nearly 300,000 CY for the construction of approximately 5,200 feet of 24-inch thick grouted stone revetment and approximately 1,000 feet of steel sheetpile with tie-back anchors bank protection, placement of derrick stone, excavation and backfill of approximately 5,000 ft long temporary diversion channel.

CJW also constructed an approximately 1,800 ft asphalt concrete bank protection access road.  The road was supported with guardrailing and chainlink and/or cable fencing with a double drive fence gate and removable bollards.  The road was equipped with pavement markers and striping.

The current bridge was removed and a new double-span concrete bridge approximately 70-ft long was constructed utilizing over 325,000 pounds of reinforced steel and included structural backfill, concrete piling, and pre-stressing cast-in-place concrete, footing.

CJW also constructed approximately 5,000 ft long temporary bike trail detour and bridge supports and providing golf course irrigation system modifications along with providing an access driveway for the golf course.  We installed a temporary crash cushion and a masonry monument sign for the golf course.

Additional work included extending 10 side drains, construction of v-gutter, hydro-seeding, abandonment of existing wells and construction of 150 utility protection retaining walls.  A 1,500 LF waterline was relocated including the blow-off assemblies and fire hydrant.  The existing waterline was abandoned, along with the adjacent appurtenances.
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