Sulphur Creek Ecosystem Phase II, Laguna Niguel, CA W912PL-07-D-0031 TO 0002
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Customer/Owner Name: US Army Corps of Engineers
Point of Contact: Fernando Cano, Contracting Officer

Description: Sulphur Creek Ecosystem Phase II included all grading, planting, restoration of Sulphur Creek along Control Line “D” and “F” along with the removal and replacement of the existing culvert crossing.  CJW constructed a bridge that acted as the sole walkway crossing Sulphur Creek, allowing pedestrians to cross the river safely.  The Ecosystem Restoration Project increased the area of riparian habitat for the least Bell’s vireo and southwestern willow flycatcher - both are endangered species which can be found in the project area.

CJW Construction planted nearly 10,000 plants in the project area. CJW also removed concrete liners, riprap and exotic vegetation along the creek and replaced them with natural surfacing, a footbridge and native riparian vegetation. The work done improves water storage capability and nutrient cycling. It also helped re-establish a natural and diverse historical habitat along the creek.

This project furthers the goals of the City of Laguna Niguel’s general plan which places a premium on “preservation and enhancement of the natural setting of the City” and “to strive to improve the City’s existing environmental quality.”

Outstanding CCASS Evaluation from Owner
Challenges: The scope of work for this project required CJW to provide one (1) year of maintenance on all of the vegetation and landscape planted.  All vegetation had to match the natural surroundings already existing in Sulphur Creek.  This maintenance was successfully completed during the second wettest seasons ever recorded.   CJW was able to protect the vegetation against the rapid flow of water and the harsh elements.
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