Repair Various Naval Special Warfare Facilities, Coronado Amphibious Base, San Diego, CA
W912PL-11-D-0034 0001
Customer/Owner Name: US Army Corps of Engineers/US Navy      
Point of Contact: Donald Buckley

Description: CJW Construction, Inc. was the prime contractor and was awarded this contract at Coronado Amphibious Naval Base in San Diego to perform demolition and minor renovation and repair work to Buildings B-211 and B-703.  Work included the demolition and removal of the flooring in locker room of B-211, as well as the demolition, removal of the existing 179 metal lockers; and the demolition and removal of the rubber flooring tiles.  The floor was replaced with an epoxy flooring system which also extends up the walls for six (6) inches.  A new wall was constructed to divide the instructor’s locker area into two (2) separate areas. Additionally, 179 modern powder-coated metal lockers and 10 new benches were installed.  This was a highly-secured facility and CJW had to work around the schedule of the Navy Seals who were using the facility for important training missions.

This was not a design-bid-build contract.  However, there were design-build elements.  CJW assisted with adapting the design by generating a new reconfiguration of the locker room area to accommodate the Government’s change in the number of required lockers, as well as the wall layout for the division of space and the fence and gate design.  The design suggestions were agreed upon and incorporated into the contract without challenge or delay

Additional work included painting the walls and ceiling areas in B-903, an approximately 13,000 SF facility, to include the women’s and men’s restroom areas.  We also demolished, removed and replaced a gate and 60 linear feet of 12-foot high perimeter fencing with three (3) rows of barb wire and one (1) row of razor wire on top and a new sliding gate for ease of access.  All work performed within this facility was in conjunction with a fully functional and occupied environment.  This was the first project issued under a POCA IDIQ contract for CJW.  This project was completed on-time, within budget and without any safety incidents.
Award Date:

Completion Date:

Award Amount: $458,592.00
C J W   C O N S T R U C T I O N,   I N C.
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