Design-Build Hospital Auditorium Renovations, Camp Pendleton, CA
W912PL-07-D-0031 0003
Customer/Owner Name: US Army Corps / End User US Navy
Point of Contact: Roger Berg

Description: This task order project incorporated design-build concepts, historical renovations, demolition, and general building construction in a fully-functioning facility.  CJW Construction, Inc. successfully coordinated the design and construction, prepared and installed all finishes (gypsum, painting, millwork, seating, new doors, carpet, sound panels and stage restoration) to the hospital auditorium in the historical hospital at MCB Camp Pendleton, CA.  Additional work included the demolition of existing plaster ceilings, modification of the existing electrical and mechanical systems and installed the new acoustical ceiling.  The facilities management team provided IT, audio systems, and wall lighting sconces.

CJW worked hand-in-hand with the designer throughout both the design and construction phases of the project.  The project had a very tight time frame for both design and construction.  The design took approximately one (1) month and the construction in less than eight (8) weeks.  The project was successfully completed within the budget and on-time.

Challenges: This project was constructed in a fully-functioning hospital and required us to utilize and monitor all infectious control processes and inspections. We met all of the requirements and challenges affiliated with working inside fully-functioning and operational hospitals or clinics.  This project was completed without any safety incidents.

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C J W   C O N S T R U C T I O N,   I N C.
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