NavAir North Island, B468 Bead Blast FFP Phase II, New Enclosure, San Diego, CA  W912PL-08-D-0033 0003
Customer/Owner Name: US Army Corps of Engineers
Point of Contact: Eric Strom

Description: This project was for the new construction of a Pre-Engineered Warehouse/Maintenance Building.  This was a design-build project for the design and installation of a Plastic Media Blast Booth and its new 4,800 SF enclosure.  The intent of this project is to construct a New Lean-To-Style Enclosure adjacent to Bldg 468 Bay 12 and Relocate Walk in Blast Booth & Blast-It-All Booth from B-468 Bay 12 to inside proposed structure.  This facility is a steel structure facility with paint color and style that matches the existing and adjacent facilities.

Additional work included the installation of 83 Linear feet of chain link fence and 2 each 10' gates and one 10' Sliding gate; fire station and fire alarm system, an eye wash station, emergency exit lighting, fire rated doors with panic hardware, a roof gutter system with drainage and various other appurtenances.

Challenges: This project required strict adherence and coordination with local city and county agencies as well as the construction staff associated with the NavAir North Island Navy personnel, in order to meet all of the requirements set forth in the plans/specifications/RFP.  All requirements were met.  CJW worked well, involving all agencies necessary, mitigating any delays.
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C J W   C O N S T R U C T I O N,   I N C.
Southern California  •  Arizona  •  Washington