Life Support & Egress, NASA Dryden Flight Research Center, Palmdale, CA, NND09AA33B/NND09AB82T
Customer/Owner Name: NASA Dryden Flight Research Center
Point of Contact: William Brandweiner, Contracting Officer

Description: CJW Construction, Inc. successfully renovated the 4-story life support building and egress on the north side of an aircraft hangar which provides maintenance on NASA aircraft parts. This project was issued under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Based on our superior performance on a previous renovation project at the DFRC, CJW was awarded this project. The scope of work includes the demolition and installation of interior walls; new electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems; and other miscellaneous finish work.

As part of this project, CJW constructed an explosion proof O2 Room installing explosion proof fixtures and lights. The O2 Room would be used to house the pure oxygen tanks used for the flight pilots ejection seats.

CJW finished this project on time and within budget.

Challenges: This project was completed in a fully-occupied facility and required infectious control processes to be used in order to provide an adequate clean room dust control system. As part, CJW rerouted the HVAC system in order to avoid pulling in air from the construction area to the functioning areas of the facility.

This project required CJW to coordinate with NASA’s safety program and personnel requiring daily safety meetings at a minimum of 1 hour. This project also required all personnel to have high-security clearances.
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C J W   C O N S T R U C T I O N,   I N C.
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