Building 210735 Dental-Medical Clinic Renovation, Camp Pendleton, CA
W912PL-07-D-0031 0004
Customer/Owner Name: US Army Corps of Engineers
Point of Contact: Arthur J. Evenson

Description: CJW Construction, Inc. performed work in fully-functioning dental and medical clinics for the upgrades and renovations of roll-up and regular interior and exterior doors, lobby T-bar demolition, painting and texture-coating walls, removal and installation of bathroom partitions, miscellaneous roof repairs, the construction of a lobby soffit, the removal and installation of all of the medical and storefront windows with glazing that is compliant with ATFP measures, and the construction of a temporary storage facility.

CJW was awarded this task order for the renovation construction of the Dental-Medical Clinic Building 210735 at Camp Pendleton, CA.  The work on this project includes: VCT asbestos tile abatement; demolition and refurbishment of the walls, floors, and ceiling finished at various locations throughout the clinic; refinish of interior doors; new storefront doors and windows in the dental waiting area; roof improvements; HVAC improvements; electrical improvements; and plumbing improvements.  CJW refurbished a 39-ton air-cooled chiller and replaced existing pumps.  We removed and replaced the electrical substation, installed two (2) interior distribution panels and installed a new 600 AMP meter/main with distribution and 300 AMP 208 bolt MCCI.  We installed new data lines, new lights and miscellaneous other electrical improvements.  We were responsible for shutting down and restoring all power to the facility.

Building 210735 is a fully-functioning clinic that was to remain fully-operational during construction, thus the work was performed in multiple phases.  CJW is responsible for providing coordination with hospital administrators and military construction personnel in order to limit any disruption.  The south and east hallways and adjoining rooms were renovated first; the north and west hallways and adjoining rooms were renovated second; and the waiting area, men’s and women’s bathrooms were renovated last.  The existing floors throughout the building were demolished.  Preparations for the new floors included filling and leveling the floors, priming of the tile and the cove base and installation of tile and cover base.  This tiling throughout the bathrooms also extended to the walls.  The bathroom partitions were removed and replaced.    New plumbing fixtures were installed.

The millwork in room 56 and the x-ray room was replaced with new sink cabinets and drawers.  The millwork replacements were also made throughout the exam rooms, the records room, and the prosthetic room, which also included counter replacements with Corian counters to match the existing building.  Doors throughout the building were replaced with Lawrence fire-rated doors.  Suspended acoustical ceiling in the lobby/waiting area and room 68 was installed. The walls were primed and painted in throughout the building.  VCT flooring, carpet, and base cove were installed.  The drywall was repaired in various rooms throughout the building.

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