North Valley Infrastructure Water Main, Lancaster, CA
Customer/Owner Name: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Point of Contact: Galen Cline, Contracting Officer

Description: This project incorporated design and general construction.   CJW Construction, Inc. successfully constructed the North Valley Regional Water Infrastructure 36” Waterline Project is located in the City of Lancaster, Antelope Valley, California.  The project is 2.2 miles long and extends from approximately Sierra Hwy to 20th Street East. 

The goal of the project was to connect to an existing 36” water main and extend it to 20th street East for future City expansion. The 36” system tied into many other water mains which required close coordination with the USACE, City of Lancaster, Los Angeles County Waterworks Department and other users.  CJW tapped into the existing systems. The 36” steel, concrete coated, cement lined waterline was installed in 48’ lengths that weighed 14,000 pounds. These oversize sticks (normal length 20 to 30-ft) of pipe were set-to-grade with a large excavator and welded in-place. The pipe was backfilled with Portland cement slurry by utilizing an on-site mobile batch plant to insure a quality backfill and a better finished product that would provide the most longevity for the City of Lancaster.

As the project progressed, CJW Construction constructed two (2) large reinforced concrete poured in-place vaults.  These vaults housed the various valves, cathodic protection, and controls.  CJW also constructed many poured in-place catch basins, curbs and gutters, concrete median paving, concrete roadway installation, and other related work.

CJW also reconstructed a new road.  The original plan for the road was to replace a North bound lane that was eaten up by the excavation for pipe, and leave the old county side of the road that was badly in need of repair.  Instead, CJW worked with the USACE, submitting several design proposals which were approved by the City of Lancaster Architecture/Engineer, to provide a new road with new alignment at no additional cost to the Government.  Among these design recommendations was the changing of the steel water pipe construction from rubber gasket bell and spigot joints to a fully welded-joint pipe system; encasing the pipe in concrete slurry rather than bedding the pipe in sand; and providing a permanent road improvement to one (1) of the City of Lancaster’s main highways by recommending that a “temporary construction lane” be constructed as a permanent lane and that a new asphalt cap be provided over 1,500 feet of the highway.   This recommendation resulted in straightening out an existing dog-leg in the highway which improved traffic safety and also provided the City with 1,500 feet of new asphalt paving on an old and badly worn traffic surface. Upon completion of the roadway, striping and markers were included.

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