Replace the Waterline Along Coast Road and Ocean Avenue, Vandenberg, CA W912PL-09-C-0024
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Customer/Owner Name U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Point of Contact: Valencia Wynn

Description: CJW was awarded this project at Vandenberg AFB, CA, to install 20,150 LF of two (2), three (3), four (4), six (6), eight (8) and 14-inch diameter PVC pipe of water mainline. The pipeline replaced a portion of the South Base potable waterline. Additional work included: removing and abandoning in-place the existing waterline; clearing, grubbing, and excavation; trenching and shoring; jack and bore; blow-off valves and air vacs; water meters; gate valves and valve boxes; installation of fire hydrants; and the installation of pipe (requiring us to jack and bore through protected wetlands, as well as under active railroad tracks) and anchors and soil stabilizer; and relocation of pressure release valves.

The paving portion of this project required CJW to remove and replace 3,290 square yards of existing Asphaltic Concrete pavement that was eaten up by the excavation of the pipe. This was a challenge for the project as CJW was required to accommodate multiple “No Dig” periods during VAFB missile launch windows. This 40 FT wide road was used for the mobile launch vehicle, requiring CJW to dig, lay and install the pipe in such a way that would allow for the work to structurally support the mobile launch vehicle. This required careful and detailed coordination with the base, and required us to de-mob every time the base was scheduled to have a launch or launch vehicle movement in convoy. CJW was successful at maintaining solid progress while accommodating the “No Dig” periods, keeping the work running smoothly and delivering a high quality product. All traffic control work was performed in-house to the highest safety standards, without incident. As an extra effort, CJW’s entire crew was professionally trained and certified in the skill of lane closures and flagging.

CJW performed the required patched paving and repairing of existing and deteriorating asphalt PCC paving; removal of base materials from roads; cleaning and repairing of existing cracks; asphalt overlays; installation of new asphalt and new aggregate base; cold-milling of existing paving; installation of new concrete paving; and all utility work. All existing demolition and hard removals, PCC and Asphaltic Concrete, were sized and hauled to a local recycler. All metals were separated and sold to a recycler.  This project was completed four (4) months ahead of schedule.

Outstanding CCASS Evaluation from Owner

Challenges: This project was constructed within an archeologically sensitive area.  We maintained compliance to the environmental constraints, which required us to stop work if we can across any endangered plants or animals.  A list of all of these species was given to all on-site management.
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